To receive our in-home services, contact PerformCARE® at 1-877-652-7624 .

Once connected, you may be linked to one of our highly qualified clinicians at Create Change Wellness Center.

Services recommended through PerformCARE® are of no cost to the family, without regard to income, insurance or other eligibility.

For all other services, contact us at or call as at 201-215-7025.

COVID19 Guidelines

The Create Change Wellness Center Team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellness of all our employees and the families we serve. We are closely following CDC guidelines and reserving face-to-face meetings to extenuating circumstances only. In the case that face-to-face meetings are deemed necessary, the following COVID19 Guidelines must be followed at all times, by all parties involved.

We will require a signed copy of the following forms to be on file if face-to-face meetings are scheduled to occur.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time!

CCWC Covid-19 Guidelines.pdf